Thursday, March 21, 2002

Afghanistan is as likely a source of the terrorism on September 11 as Tuvalu, Madagascar, or the Cook Islands. In fact, Afghanistan is so unlikely a place to be the source of the terrorism that its immediate selection by U. S. authorities as the culprit is itself very instructive. None of the terrorists has been identified as being Afghan. None of the thousands of detainees has apparently been connected to al-Qaeda. Interrogation approximating torture has apparently uncovered no September 11 information from the Guantanamo Bay prisoners. Al-Qaeda appears to be an umbrella organization created by various Islamic groups, possibly led by Egyptian Islamic Jihad, to utilize the training camps set up in Afghanistan and Pakistan by the CIA and ISI originally to train troops to fight the Russians. These camps have been funded, in part by bin Laden, to provide more soldiers for the following purposes: 1) to assist the Taliban in fighting Northern Alliance forces in Afghanistan; 2) to provide terrorists to attack India on behalf of Muslim fundamentalism; and 3) to fight for the succession of Kashmir from India as an Islamic state (and puppet of Pakistan). While no one can prove that al-Qaeda didn't have anything to do with September 11, it is highly implausible. The planning meetings apparently took place in Europe, and planning such a complex operation would be ridiculous in a country with such bad communications as Afghanistan. Al-Qaeda has shown no signs of using such methods in Afghanistan. In fact, except for some very tenuous financial ties, some suggestive but hardly conclusive documents found in Afghanistan, and an odd connection between the man who allegedly killed Daniel Pearl and the former head of the Pakistani intelligence service (an issue I will write about at another time), there is nothing to suggest that al-Qaeda had anything to do with September 11 (and it is somewhat amazing that U. S. propagandists have been so successful at having everyone believe that it did - the success of the propaganda is so great that al-Qaeda has become almost legendary). The rather pathetic video of 'bin Laden' just emphasizes the point that the U. S. has no solid evidence linking al-Qaeda or bin Laden to September 11. Obviously, the terrorists were connected with some Islamic fundamentalist terrorist organization, quite possibly linked to Egyptian Islamic Jihad. The sole reason al-Qaeda and bin Laden were picked as patsies in this matter is that they gave a reason for the U. S. to attack the Taliban on the rather flimsy excuse that the Taliban were harboring terrorists (in fact, it doesn't appear that the Taliban had any choice in the matter, and al-Qaeda was putting a big strain on traditional Afghan hospitality). The U. S. focus has shifted to Iraq, and even the American propagandists are downplaying the strength of al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda/bin Laden were selected as patsies because the United States had an immediate need to attack Afghanistan. Why did the United States have to attack Afghanistan immediately? The answer to that question is our Rosetta Stone that will allow us to decipher everything else.