Wednesday, March 27, 2002

The concept of 'peacekeeping' keeps getting more and more stretched. Canadian pilots were involved in the NATO action in dropping bombs on Serbia in order to force the Serbs out of governing Kosovo (at least that was the desired result, whatever the official NATO excuse was). Months later, Canadian peacekeepers were in Kosovo, in many cases protecting Serbs from being attacked by the now-ruling Kosovar Albanians. I don't know if the Canadian peacekeepers saw the irony in this, but I'm sure the Serbs did. The British are now taking this a step further. They are simultaneously fighting in the war in Afghanistan and serving as peacekeepers in the same country (at least the Canadians had the decency to wait a few months). Someone should invent a helmet for the British troops that can, with the flip of a switch, change from having their normal war markings to having U. N. blue markings. They could even make it so it flashed back and forth, the rule being that the Afghans could only fire at them when their British war markings were on. The British situation reminds me of how the Americans manage to fight a war on terror in Afghanistan against the evil al-Qaeda, while simultaneously siding with forces allied with al-Qaeda in Macedonia/Kosovo.