Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Here is yet another interesting analysis of the photographs of damage to the Pentagon. As time goes on, it appears that the only evidence that Flight 77 crashed into the Pentagon is the statements of a few eyewitnesses. Other eyewitnesses contradict them, there is no physical evidence, and the only video evidence shows everything except a plane. It is as if we convicted a man for murder based on the statements of a few eyewitnesses, when other eyewitnesses said it was somone else who committed the murder, a video camera at the murder scene records the victim falling down but no one else around, the victim is supposed to have died of a shotgun blast from the accused's shotgun but has a tiny hole in him from a small caliber bullet, there is no murder weapon or any evidence proving that the accused was even in the area, and the bullet cannot be found although it apparently did not exit the body.