Thursday, March 14, 2002

Just why did Bush call the FBI off the investigation of the bin Laden family? The obvious reason is that the bin Laden family was involved in Carlyle Corporation, and Bush called the FBI off as a favor to the family and as a way to avoid possible embarrassment if the FBI had found anything. A more interesting theory (and not inconsistent with the first theory) is that the United States was bringing Saudi nationals into the United States through some form of CIA control of the U. S. visa granting process in Saudi Arabia, an operation which Bush may have been trying to protect from FBI meddling. The Saudis would then be trained by the CIA and sent to commit terrorist acts in other countries. It would be tremendously embarrassing if it should turn out that some of the 9-11 terrorists were in the United States as the guests of the CIA, perhaps even guests that the CIA had lost track of (but it would explain why so many of them were Saudis, and how U. S. authorities identified them so quickly). I also find very interesting the suggestion that the visa granting process may have been tied up in an illegal alcohol smuggling operation being run out of the U. S. embassy in Saudi Arabia. The whole ex-pat alcohol smuggling issue, with murder and bombings, remains completely mysterious.