Sunday, March 17, 2002

One problem that any conspiracy theory has is the inherent implausibility of organizing so many people in so many parts of an organization to get a scheme to work. Some people find any 9-11 conspiracy theory involving the U. S. government to be impossible just due to the unwieldy numbers of conspirators from different parts of government that would have to be involved in the plot and the cover-up. I've always had this problem with conspiracies as well. Each conspiracy must be analyzed on its own terms. You have to break the various aspects of the conspiracy down into component parts to see just how many or how few government agents would be involved. If you look at 9-11 as the plot of a Middle Eastern terrorist group that intends to attack each tower of the WTC and one other building (perhaps a nuclear power plant), almost all of the mechanics of the attacks can be left to the terrorists, with no government involvement. Even breaches in airport security can be entirely the work of the terrorists. There are only three areas that require government involvement: 1) the standing down of air defence, which is a matter under the control of the Pentagon, and presumably can be ordered by one man, with everyone below him following orders unquestioningly (and after the fact can be internally blamed on incompetence, with everyone involved keeping quiet because of the perceived embarrassment to the organization); 2) the disposal of Flight 77, which one fighter pilot can look after; and 3) the planting of bombs in the Pentagon or the firing of a missile at the Pentagon, either of which is entirely under the control of the Pentagon, and the mechanics of which could be handled by a very small group of specialists trained to do this type of job and keep a secret. That's it! The beauty of the scheme is that it hides under the skirts of a real, independent terrorist operation, which then bears all the blame for whatever happened (of course the unanswered question is why stand down the planes and plan a separate attack on the Pentagon, a question I will deal with in a future posting). There is no conspiracy required for the cover-up (other than perhaps a few planted 'eyewitnesses'), as it is merely the re-typing of U. S. government press releases by those people who are pleased to be known as 'journalists'. If any conspiracy nuts are foolish enough to raise any questions they are scoffed into silence by the common sense notions that conspiracies are impossible because they involve too many different parties, and because the government would never do anything so evil.