Wednesday, March 20, 2002

Some find it odd how American authorities find what they need to make a propaganda point exactly when they need it. Need to identify the main hijacker? What do you know, everything else is blown to smithereens but Atta's passport drifts gently down into the files of the FBI. Then Atta is kind enough to leave all kinds of incriminating evidence, much of which is very un-Islamic, in his car at the airport. When people start to grumble about how could it be that bin Laden in a cave in Afghanistan planned all the terrorism, miraculously a home video falls into the hands of American authorities proving bin Laden's culpability (the guy in the video looks more like Dick Cheney than bin Laden, and the 'translation' is highly questionable, but the press seems not to be bothered by these minor inconsistencies). As the Americans make their way through houses abandoned by fighters in Afghanistan, they have the good fortune to stumble on all sorts of incriminating material left behind. The Wall Street Journal goes shopping for computer equipment in Kabul (where I understand they do all their shopping for high technology), and what do you think they find on the hard drive? Not memos from the al-Qaeda leaders on using chemical and biological warfare?! Now, all of a sudden, it turns out that Saddam is behind the Oklahoma City bombing (when we were assured it was just a few right-wing wackos acting alone), he's got a prisoner of war the Americans have ignored for ten years but have miraculouly rediscovered, and the Iraqis are plotting with al-Qaeda against the Kurds. All this and much more only goes to show that either God really is on the side of the Americans, dispensing forensic miracles every day, or the American government quite rightly holds the American people in such disdain that it realizes that there is no lie too absurd that it won't be swallowed whole by the most gullible people on earth.