Thursday, March 14, 2002

That disgusting cartoonist Ted Rall has the temerity to draw cartoons intended to make people think and question. Since people don't like to think, and are afraid to question, he takes a lot of abuse. He responds to the critics of his now infamous cartoon on the issues involving compensation to the 9-11 victims, an issue which involves race, class, the role of celebrity in U. S. society, the 'commodification' of grief (it's now used to sell things), the every-man-for-himself general ethos of American culture, and corporate welfare. As Rall points out, the main reason for the government compensation is to let the airlines off the hook for their criminally lax airport security. He also has a good cartoon on the unfortunate U. S. trait of attempting to fight wars using helicopters. Helicopters are great for the military suppliers, as they are very expensive, need constant repair with expensive parts, and constantly crash, leading to a need to buy more helicopters. Of course the crashes lead to deaths of those in the helicopters. The Vietnam war was a good example of how stupid helicopters are, unless you want to kill a lot of your own troops.