Tuesday, March 26, 2002

To summarize where I am in understanding the September 11 terrorism: 1) At least some of the hijackers were probably brought in to the U. S. on some sort of special visa program run by the CIA out of the U. S. embassy in Saudi Arabia. This program was originally set up to provide U. S. training to selected men in the Middle East to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan, and was so successful that it was continued after the Soviet defeat for purposes that we can only guess at. The program is against U. S. immigration laws, and is corruptly run by people who are allowed by the U. S. and the Saudis to illegally smuggle alcohol into Saudi Arabia. The men on this program are trained in U. S. military facilities or in private flight schools run for the CIA. The same people who thought it would be a symbolic victory to attack the United States using symbols of its power also thought it would be clever to use this program to infiltrate terrorists into the United States. They would be brought into the United States without visa problems, supported by the U. S., and trained by the U. S., all before turning on the U. S. The visa program explains why at least some of the men were obtaining training at U. S. military facilities or at mysterious private flight training schools, explains why the American authorities were so quick to come up with names and pictures of the terrorists, and explains why so many of these names were wrong (the terrorists used stolen identities when they joined the program - note that the connivance of some Middle Eastern governments or militaries was probably required for this deception to work). 2) The terrorists almost certainly had guns and explosives on the planes, and needed help from the organized crime drug smuggling rings at the airports in order to bring these on the planes (this has been covered up as it is necessary to maintain the illusion that new security procedures mean everything is now safe). 3) There is a terrorist group called al-Qaeda, but it probably had very little if anything to do with the 9-11 terrorism (my guess is that the terrorism was planned by a small group based mostly in Europe which was associated with some pre-existing terrorist group, perhaps Egyptian Islamic Jihad, but it is a bit of a mug's game to figure it out as the identification of the groups is intentionally obscure). 4) Osama bin Laden almost certainly had nothing to do with the planning of 9-11, but due to his role as a financier of fundamentalist Islamic terrorism may have been kept informed generally as to what was being planned (he was blamed by the U. S. because of his role in other acts of terrorism and, most importantly, for his geographic position in Afghanistan). 5) The war in Afghanistan was pitched to the American people as a response to the terrorism of September 11, both as retribution and prevention of further attacks against the United States. In fact, the war had nothing to do with the September 11 terrorism. U. S. authorities used extremely flimsy evidence to tie the terrorism to al-Qaeda, blamed the Taliban for 'harboring' al-Qaeda (when in fact the Taliban had no choice in the presence of al-Qaesa in Afghanistan), and thus had an excuse for a war where there was no natural excuse. If the U. S. government really wanted to catch and punish the 9-11 perpetrators, a police action would have made much more sense that a war. The U. S. government wanted the Taliban removed for geopolitical reasons involving oil and opium, and wanted a general excuse for a series of wars to radically increase defence spending and control the Central Asian petrochemical reserves. 6) No terrorist plane hit the Pentagon. Flight 77 wasn't intercepted by U. S. air defence (at least not before some obscure place in a state like Colorado!) because it was known that it was not headed for the Pentagon (it was well on its way to the west coast when the Pentagon 'crash' occurred) and was needed to be the patsy plane to explain the explosion. 7) The anthrax killer hasn't been arrested, probably because the U. S. doesn't want to reveal the extent of its biowarfare research (the deaths of at least some of the odd series of dead microbiologists are almost certainly connected with biowarfare as well). 8) The general terrorist threat to the United States has been overblown (and is largely the product of U. S. government propaganda, with various fake warnings and now, colored degrees of excitation!), as at least some of the terrorists had at least inadvertent U. S. government assistance (which could be fixed if the covert programs were ended or at least more rigorously checked), together with very advertant assistance in lifting normal U. S. air defences, meaning that the restrictions on civil liberties and the war on terrorism are unnecessary. 9) The 'Mohamad Atta' who died on September 11 isn't the Mohamad Atta who planned the attacks. 10) At least one of the terrorists served as an informant to U. S. authorities, allowing them to stand down normal air defences and prepare the fake Pentagon attack (which was needed as an additional excuse for the Afghan war and the restrictions on civil liberties should the real terrorists provide insufficient horror to serve as an excuse). There was also information available to U. S. authorities from plenty of other countries, and it appears from the Vreeland case that the coming attack may have been common gossip in spy circles in Moscow. The cleverness of the whole operation (you might say, almost Angleton-ian) is to use an actual terrorist attack of which you have foreknowledge, allow it to happen and beef it up with your own attack on the Pentagon, and then use the horrors of the attacks as your political excuse to accomplish your geopolitical and liberty-restricting goals. 11) At least one of the few connections between the terrorists and al-Qaeda was probably set up by the old friends of the CIA, the Pakistani ISI, and finding out about this may have played some role in the death of Daniel Pearl. 12) It is quite possible that the whole Afghan war was a last-ditch effort to save Enron by making the Afghan pipeline possible and thus making the Enron Indian assets saleable.