Friday, March 29, 2002

The use of thermobaric bombs in Afghanistan is supposed to be a way of killing al-Qaeda members hiding in deep caves, but on all accounts these al-Qaeda (or, rather, the tribal militia which the U. S. chooses to call 'al-Qaeda') simply escape through mountain passes. Could the U. S. military be using these bombs as an experiment to see if they could trigger earthquakes for use as a military weapon? This is in line with American military strategy which seems to be to commit war crimes against civilians of sufficient horror that the government being attacked concedes to avoid more suffering to its people (weather modification is another example of this sort of weapon). The glib statements from geologists that these bombs couldn't possibly trigger earthquakes are, on their face, unscientific (how could they know without empirical tests?) and suspiciously convenient. If this operation were a big military experiment, it would be the war crime to end all war crimes.