Sunday, March 31, 2002

What are the Israelis up to in the occupied territories? We know they fear a demographic crisis, as both the Arabs and the pseudo-Jews they've been accepting as immigrants have much higher birth rates than 'real' Jews. We also know they are building new illegal settlements in the occupied territories at an alarming rate, settlements which require huge expense in security and make no sense if Israel is eventually going to have to remove them and compensate the settlers. The settlements are scattered in such a way that they make any workable Palestinian government in the area impossible, both due to the way Palestinian territory is broken up and due to the Israeli military/police presence, along with transportation routes, required to guard the settlements. We also know that Israel fears Arab control of large portions of its water supply, of which Israel now takes an obscenely disproportionate share. Finally, the economic and psychological effect of the suicide bombers is starting to become serious. The Israeli immediate problems are thus demographics, security of settlements, water, and security against terrorism. The obvious answer to their problems is to annex the areas in which the settlements are, and expel all Palestinians into small areas completely enclosed by a secure border. The settlements have been built over aquifers, which thus brings this water supply within the boundaries of Israel. The security problem of the settlements is removed as the Palestinians are now completely within a sealed boundary. Eventually, the demographic problem would be addressed by expelling all Arabs within Israel (but where would they go?). The terrorism problem is contained by the new sealed borders (a new problem will probably arise with missiles fired from what remains of the Palestinian areas into Israel, but Israel can deal with that with a war at some time in the future - the Israelis seem to have decided that they can deal with long-term Palestinian unrest, and in fact use it to their advantage, as long as it is confined to Palestinian areas). The general program of senseless brutality towards the Palestinians, which makes absolutely no sense as a method of supressing terror as it actually creates more terrorists, can be understood as an intentional act to drive Palestinian politics away from moderates towards radicals, whose actions will then excuse Israeli brutality. The brutality may even escalate to a form of genocide, which the 'best' minds of Israel think is politically possible (I think it is sad that so obviously brilliant a man as van Creveld turns out to hold such views). Certainly the American approach to Israel would excuse any crimes against humanity, as just about anything Israel does is excused by the almost completely one-sided American press. The alarming parallels of the Israeli approach to the Palestinians to the Nazi treatment of the Jews are even more alarming when you consider that the Israeli intelligentsia doesn't seem to consider the parallels to be a problem. Israeli popular opinion is dealt with by censorship of the brutality, and American popular opinion is dealt with by making no reference to the issue at all in the popular media (it's amazing how steadfast the average American is in his beliefs based entirely on the ridiculously one-sided view of every issue presented by the U. S. television stations). While this entire Israeli program sounds completely insane, it is the only way I can understand the series of horrible Israeli acts as what might appear to a psychopath as a possible solution to real Israeli problems.