Sunday, April 14, 2002

The bias in the headlines in the newspaper accounts of the Middle East conflict is becoming almost silly. Consistently we see headines referring to 'Six Israelis Killed . . . ' or 'Four Israeli Soldiers Killed', only to read the article and see at the bottom reference to hundreds of Palestinians killed. We hear about the brutality of the suicide bombers, and read in the articles, almost as an aside, that Palestinians are buried alive when Israeli bulldozers knock down the walls of their houses, and unarmed people are shot by Israeli soldiers (but at least some reference is made to these things, unlike U. S. television coverage, which seems to take the view that the only news from the Middle East concerns suicide bombers, who do their bombing for absolutely no reason other than anti-semitism, and hate Jews so much that they would kill themselves for the possibility of killing a few). The whole thing would be simple racism if it were not for the fact that Israelis and Palestinians are the same race! When Sharon decides to drop a nuclear bomb on, say Gaza City, I fully expect to see the following headline: 'Israeli pilot bruises thumb while pushing big red button on nuclear bomber.'