Tuesday, April 23, 2002

I am coming round to the idea that I am a poor excuse for a conspiracy theorist, lacking as I do the full courage of my paranoia, and backing off the abyss of what the evidence truly shows us about the events of September 11. The strong evidence takes the following forms:

  1. Most importantly, what major steps were taken using 9-11 as an excuse, and who really benefitted?

  2. 'Negative evidence', i. e., cases where evidence isn't available where it should clearly be available, including such things as videos of the Pentagon crash; proper lists of the identities of the terrorists, at least somthing which jibes with the flight manifests (the fact that we don't know anything as to who these people were is evidence in and of itself); information on the derivative trading which took place on the basis of foreknowledge of 9-11; and evidence physically taken from the Venice, Florida flight school.

  3. Geographic evidence, including the unusual physical locations of the Israeli spy ring and the odd ambit of the hijackers.

  4. Really odd things that stand out, such as John Ashcroft's decision in July not to take commercial flights, the inexplicable behaviour of Moussaoui and the even more inexplicable decision of the FBI and the Department of Justice not to obtain a warrant against him, the very important $100,000 sent from Pakistan to Atta, the peculiarity of sending extremely talented pilots from halfway round the world to learn to fly in a two-bit flying school in a retirement community in South Florida (and general inconsistencies involving the Florida flight training), the remarkable discrepancies between the Atta born in Egypt and Atta the hijacker, the bizarre behaviour of the supposedly devoutly Islamic hijackers, the obviously faked Islamic materials left in a car at Boston Airport, the plane crash of young Bishop into a Tampa office building, and the Vreeland evidence and other foreknowledge including the Odigo warnings.

  5. Subtle evidence, including the area of the Pentagon that was damaged, discrepancies between the type of people killed on the planes and the type of people killed in the buildings, the meeting bin Laden is alleged to have had in a Dubai hospital and the vagueness in his videos, and the extent and timing of George Bush's knowledge of the terrorism.

  6. Very puzzling things like the anthrax letters, the dead microbiologists, and the death of Daniel Pearl.

As you can see, there's lots of evidence available to those who are prepared to allow the facts to lead them to a proper understanding. I'm coming to the conclusion that the attack was almost inevitable, coming as it did at a time of a perhaps never-to-be-repeated coincidence in the world power structure. I believe I have been deceived in many of the ways everyone was intended to be deceived, but hope shortly to be able to produce a general view of what happened. I find it absolutely amazing that given all the huge loose ends in the evidence there is such resistance to investigating what really happened. It's not like the United States government has never lied before.