Wednesday, April 17, 2002

I have three more thoughts about the Vreeland interview:

  1. Vreeland states: "Another government agency has to go investigate activities connected to weapons smuggling, organized crime and drug trafficking. They use their power to break laws, and we're not allowed to investigate them. Thus certain parts of the U.S. government designed an entity called UID (Unofficial Intelligence Investigation Division). It was designed by Adm. Jeremy Michael Boorda, who allegedly committed suicide." Is there any truth to this? Does it connect to the 'suicide' of Boorda, which many feel is suspicious?

  2. Vreeland states: "The name of the defense system is SSST [Stealth Satellite System Terminator]. There are five different individual and unique defensive and strike capabilities of the system. The only portion that I have publicly spoken on is one frame regarding actual current orbiting satellites, which are not at this time owned by the US government. On advice of counsel I cannot discuss the other components. This one component is a satellite system. Within the confines of the system there are multiple, deployable space/orbital EMP [Electromagnetic Pulse] missiles that are not aimed at the ground. They are targeted at everyone else's satellites. These would kill worldwide communications. The satellites of some countries that are shielded with titanium are protected from these weapons. The protected countries are Russia and China, but U.S. satellites are vulnerable and Putin has told Bush that the U.S. missile defense system doesn't work, and that Bush knows it." Is what Vreeland states about the vulnerability of American satellites true? If it is true, how does that impact on the current American plans for a 'star wars' missile defence system? Does Bush know that it is a waste of money, intended only to line the pockets of some military contractors? I note that one obvious effect of Bush's apparent plans to build such a system is a great increase in other countries in doing their own research. Obviously the United States, a country trying to build a world-wide empire based on its ability to communicate and fight wars using information obtained from satellites, would be more affected than any other country if its satellites were damaged.

  3. Vreeland apparently knew that Marc Bastien was murdered before the RCMP did. Bastien died after drinking a mixture of alcohol and clopazine, an anti-depressant used to treat schizophrenia. I note that the Russians have recently accused the Americans of using drugged cookies and drinks to break the will of a Russian defense employee and recruit him as an agent. Whatever they gave him is supposed to have left him feeling weakness and a light trance. Might Bastien's death been some sort of accident caused by someone trying to 'loosen his tongue' but getting the dose wrong?