Thursday, April 18, 2002

In thinking about the Middle East today, I finally realized that the Palestinians are doomed. Sharon is going to get exactly what he wants (the final proof is the sickening charade of the Powell visit). The Palestinians will be slowly, and sometimes not so slowly, brutalized or killed, and the survivors will be inexorably forced into some sort of exile. The lucky ones will end up as refugee claimants in some decent country; the unlucky ones will end up in refugee camps in whatever is left of Jordan. Day by day the number of settlers in the Occupied Territories will increase, as will the percentage of territory occupied by the settlers. There will never be a Palestinian state. The Israelis have full control of the American media, and the current U. S. junta couldn't care less about the Palestinians (if the Americans ever have another Presidential election things might change, but by then it will be too late). The Europeans complain and whine, but don't want to lose the money that would be involved in any action that would have an effect on Israel (an absolute trading and banking ban by European countries against any Israeli citizen or corporation would probably help, but would reduce the profitability of European companies, and therefore will never happen). The other Arab countries are all client states of the United States, and do pretty much what they're told - the various corrupt rulers couldn't care less about the Palestinians but just pay lip service to the Palestinian cause to appease their own citizens. Absolutely no one will lift a finger to help the Palestinians, and Sharon is bound and determined to wipe them out. They are utterly doomed, but don't quite realize it yet. What the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians is so horrible that they have put the Palestinians in a position where things could not possibly be worse. Once they realize what is going to happen to them, the Palestinians will become immune to threats of retaliation, for there is no worse to be done. They are incapable of being threatened. What if they were to somehow obtain a nuclear bomb and set it off in Tel Aviv? The Israelis would surely retaliate, probably with their own nuclear bombs (killing many of their own people in the process). So what? The Palestinians can expect no better from the Israelis or the world now. Why not die in one blast rather than be picked off one by one? Creating a people with no fear of the future is the stupidest thing you can do, but Israel and its 'friends' have done it.