Thursday, April 11, 2002

Israel made a pact with the devil in allowing many Jews and pseudo-Jews to immigrate from Russia, many of whom were criminals who regard Israel as a safe haven should there be a crackdown on their criminality (Israel won't extradict its citizens). The mafiya presence has not improved Israeli politics. The Russians are not inclined to offer land for peace, coming as they do from a huge country to a country which they perceive as having no land to spare. Someone should investigate the role that the mafiya is playing in the current massacres, given the probable role of mafiya money in funding Israeli politics (Netanyahu has been linked to mafiya money) and the dominance that the Russians have in the settlements in the Occupied Territories (I note that the Israelis were broadcasting pornographic movies, a known product of the mafiya, from Palestinian television stations - could this be a form of marking their territory?). This Sharon series of massacres (you can't really call it a war when one side has jet bombers, tanks and helicopters and the other side is unarmed or has, at most, guns) may be one of the first modern conflicts fought on behalf of, and to assert the power of, organized crime (we've seen similar things in the recent Balkan conflicts).