Friday, April 26, 2002

The Israelis are trying to spin the Jenin massacre, but the truth is nevertheless coming out. I assume the Israeli quibbling about the U. N. investigators is simply a way to buy time to allow for disposal of the bodies of as many of the victims as possible. While not on the same scale, the killings of the civilians by the Israeli troops is of a nature similar to what we have heard and seen from Rwanda and the Balkans - an unspeakable brutality that appears to come out of the Middle Ages. I suppose one could cut the Israelis some slack by realizing that they are currently run by a psychopathic madman, and many if not most of them think he is as crazy as the rest of the world does (except for George Bush, who regards him as a 'man of peace'). The problem is that these individual acts of brutality up to and including slaughter of unarmed innocent civilians (some even disabled, sick or children), and including vandalism and theft of personal property and senseless violence, are being committed by individual Israeli young men. Their combination of hatred and brutality can only come out of a society that is itself psychopathic. The American press will slavishly follow the Israeli spin as always, so the true horrors of Jenin will never be seen by the American public. The Europeans will, however, see the brutality in all its glory. It is incredible that in as short a period as a few weeks Sharon has managed to irrevocably damage the relationship between Europe and Israel.