Monday, April 29, 2002

It is apparently impossible to revoke a Nobel Peace Prize once it has been awarded, no matter how much of a butcher the recipient turns out to be. Thus, such worthies as Henry 'it is quite possible that mistakes were made' Kissinger and Simon Peres get to keep their prizes and help to make a mockery of the concept of the Nobel Peace Prize. I suggest that at the same annual ceremony at which the Peace Prize is awarded, a Nobel War Prize also be given. A nice medal depicting various barbarities and human rights abuses can be designed, and a speech can be made by some human rights proponent or by a representative of some of the victims of the butcher being honored that year (though with Henry the K. the list of victims is so long it would take a week for them all to give speeches). Medals can be given to the obvious Peace Prize mistakes (Henry the K., Peres), as well as to those butchers who have somehow been missed by the Nobel Committee (Pinochet, Milosevic, etc.). They would of course be welcome to attend to pick up their own medals and give their own speeches, but would be subject to immediate arrest after the ceremony and held until their trials. Given the rather motley crew of recent Nobel Peace Prize winners, I think a Nobel War Prize would make a much more effective point about what we should feel about war and crimes against humanity.