Wednesday, April 10, 2002

My guess is that the Israeli version of the Wanasee Conference, where the 'final solution' for the Palestinians was planned, was held sometime in early 2000. In attendance would have been Ariel Sharon, Russian mafiya leaders, right-wing politicians and their right-wing industrialist supporters, extreme religious crazies, and possibly, extreme American fundamentalist Protestant religious crazies. The plan was either to drive all the Palestinians into Jordan, or at least force them into small areas on the worst land in the Occupied Territories and use them as quasi-slave labour for Israeli industrial production (the euphemism for the removal of Palestinians is 'transfer'). This would be accomplished in the following stages:

  1. ensure that Sharon was elected by having him make an ostentatious and intentionally provocative tour of the Temple Mount in order to build up rage in the Palestinians and start the intifada, thus creating the insecurity that Sharon was elected to stop;

  2. increase the brutality (well summarized here) of the treatment of the Palestinians to an almost unbelievable degree (see reports here and here and here and here), including arrest and torture, attacks by the Israeli military against Palestinian civilians, including children, denial of ambulance access and medical care to civilians, targeting of medical and emergency personnel, use of civilians as human shields, collective punishment of civilians, including destruction of agricultural land (including uprooting of olive trees) and destruction of houses, interference with education, destruction of infrastructure, appropriation of water, the imposition of ridiculouly restrictive closures, checkpoints and curfews, all intended to cause the maximum misery and economic destruction possible, and targeted assassinations (all of which crimes against humanity and others are well summarized here and lots of more specific reports are available here), all with a view to provoking a violent reaction which has largely taken the form of suicide bombers (I honestly find it impossible to digest the enormity of the crimes committed against the Palestinians);

  3. after September 11, step up the timing of the plan as it was realized that the whole program could be accelerated by calling it part of the 'war on terror' (which makes one wonder whether there was any Israeli role in the events of September 11);

  4. whenever Arafat moved to settle the violence, stir it up again by using targeted assassinations against Palestinian leaders (and step by step take actions to replace Arafat and the Palestinian Authority);

  5. wait for a particularly gruesome suicide bombing, and use it with the lie that the Palestinian rejection of the Barak proposals meant that the Palestinians were beginning the destruction of Israel, putting Israel in a fake posture of self-defence, which is then used as an excuse for the current outrages;

  6. arrange for completely biased media coverage in the U. S. with absolutely no coverage of the brutality against the Palestinians, making the suicide bombings look like unprovoked violence rather than a reaction to the daily brutalities against the Palestinians and a rather pathetic form of self-defence;

  7. possibly make contact with Hamas on the theory that since Hamas and Israel want the same thing, a mono-ethnic society over the whole of greater Israel, Hamas suicide bombers would accomplish the common goal of eliminating moderate Palestinian opinion, with the final outcome of who gets to keep the place being left for later (this theory is obviouly speculative);

  8. provoke as much desire for revenge and fear of remaining in the Occupied Territories in the Palestinian people as is possible before international opinion forces a withdrawal, await more suicide bombs, and reset the cycle again and again until you get your 'final solution'.