Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Poor old Henry Kissinger is starting to feel a little heat over his lifetime of doing evil. There are now many web sites suggesting what types of justice he should face, and of course Hitchens' famous book and articles on Kissinger's crimes, and the reaction they produced in the old reprobate himself. There's getting to be so much stuff you can hardly keep track of it all. Things are getting particularly dicey in Chile, where folks are still understandably miffed about the whole Pinochet thing, and Kissinger's role in destabilizing the country. They even want to take back his Nobel Peace Prize (perhaps they can pick up Peres' at the same time). It seems to me, as a practical matter, that Kissinger will be protected tooth and nail by the U. S. authorities (for, after all, his crimes are also the crimes of the United States), and it will be very unlikely that we will ever see him in an appropriate court. However, it should be possible to make it legally unsafe for him to travel out of the United States, and it should be possible to go a long way to make decent people embarrassed to be in his presence.