Sunday, April 07, 2002

Questions about the current outrages against the Palestinians which will reward further thought: 1) Why do so many people accept without question the Israeli-American lie that Barak's offer to the Palestinians was so unbelievably generous that the Palestinian failure to accept it indicates that they will settle for nothing less than the complete elimination of Israel (particularly ironic since the Zionist goal seems to be the complete elimination of any Palestinian state)? 2) Why is it so difficult to see that Sharon's every move has been intended to provoke enough Palestinian unrest (including suicide bombing) that will justify an Israeli response leading to the eventual ethnic cleansing of the Occupied Territories (not to mention Israel itself), and why are such plans completely invisible to the American press? 2A) The related issue of Israel's extremely complex relationship with Hamas. 3) What are the inherent contradictions in the Israeli Zionist right-wing plans, for security, demographic and religious reasons, to:

  1. create a greater Israel over land including the Occupied Territories

  2. create a 'wall' separating Israel from the Occupied Territories and expel the Arabs into the Occupied Territories

  3. create a series of 'bantustans' in the Occupied Territories to provide extremely cheap labour for Israeli industrial production

(is it the contradictions between these goals that have thus far saved the Palestinians from even worse fates?)? 3A) The related question of the problem created for the Israelis by the settlers in the Occupied Territories who are there to create 'facts on the ground' for the purposes of controlling the Palestinian population by forcing it into smaller and smaller surrounded areas, but who also create severe problems for Israel as the settlers are on the wrong side of the proposed 'wall'. 4) What is the morality of suicide bombing (terrorism or the only means left to them of self-defence?), and would the Palestinians be better off espousing a Gandhi/MLK-like non-violent resistance, particularly in an atmosphere where the U. S. media studiously avoids covering the Palestinian 'problem' unless there is enough violence to make for good television ratings and where the Israeli response to non-violent Palestinian resistance would be bullets and military censorship? 4A) The related question of whether the Palestinians aren't already practising non-violent resistance simply by surviving 50 years in refugee camps. 5) Is there any truth to Arab conspiracy theories that all of the outrages against the Palestinians relate to American geopolitics in the Middle East, particularly the current preoccupation with Saddam Hussein and the ongoing preoccupation with oil? 6) Leaving aside all the religious/nationalist/globalist crap, what would a stable peace for Israel and the Palestinians look like?