Saturday, April 20, 2002

Supporters of Israel are desperately trying to spin the Jenin massacre, even going so far as to claim that all the deaths were caused by suicide bombers! All this proves is that they realize that world opinion has completely turned against them, and American opinion will follow as soon as the truth comes out (on top of the slaughter itself, just think of how bad it looks that the Israelis intentionally hindered and prevented relief efforts, thus gratuitously causing even more deaths and suffering). I doubt that even the American media will be able to hide the enormity of the carnage and barbarity. One of the interesting results of Jenin and other recent Israeli outrages is that there has been a not-so-subtle shift in arguments put forth in the American press. The argument used to be that the Palestinians were completely in the wrong because they were using suicide bombers to murder innocent Israeli civilians, and the attacks were completely unprovoked and based solely on the hatred the Palestinians had for the Jews and their desire to destroy Israel. Now that it has become impossible to hide the extent of the Israeli brutality against the Palestinians, the new argument is that since both sides are brutalizing each other, the proper role for the U. S. is to take no role at all and let the two sides fight it out themselves (thus Powell slinks off into the night). This of course ignores the fact that the Israelis get to fight using billions of dollars worth of weapons given to them by the U. S. (and, I might add, mostly on condition that they be used only for defensive purposes), and the Palestinians get to fight by blowing up their own bodies. It's going to take a bit more time, but the Israelis and their American friends are backing themselves into a public relations nightmare.