Saturday, April 27, 2002

There's talk about a possible Arab boycott of U. S. goods to protest American support for the Israeli state terror campaign against the Palestinians. This talk is a lot of hot air, intended by the rulers of the various U. S. client states to be a sop to their outraged populations. The Americans couldn't care less about such a boycott. Here's a better idea. Have OPEC announce that it has decided that the American Dollar has had its fair turn, and from now on all OPEC oil can be only purchased using Euros, and OPEC countries will start to move their investments out of the U. S. About 10 seconds after that announcement the Israeli troops will evacuate the Occupied Territories, Israel will start to dismantle all the settlements on the Occupied Territories, and Israel will suddenly magnanimously agree to the creation of a full Palestinian state. The speed with which these things will occur will put the lie to the idea that the United States has no control over Israel. Of course, none of this will ever happen. If the Arab states were serious about helping the Palestinians, however, they could take effective steps to alter U. S. policy without having to forego revenue from oil in an oil boycott.