Saturday, April 13, 2002

They have finally released the Cliff Baxter 'suicide note' and it is mighty suspicious:

  1. It is written in block letters. Does someone write a suicide note to his wife in block letters? Or does an assassin use block letters as he doesn't know how to fake the handwriting (presumably the assassins found some of his letterhead in his vehicle)? Unbelievably, even the signature is in block letters!

  2. It was left in Baxter's wife's car. Would Baxter have left a suicide note addressed to his wife in a car? Or would a hired killer leave it there as it was too dangerous to break into the house in the morning?

  3. Although the contents of the note are very emotional, the block letters are written as if by the hand of a stone-cold psychopathic assassin, and not by someone about to kill himself. There is no hesitation, no crossed out words, not even a sign of excitement.

  4. The content of the note makes no sense. Baxter got out of Enron at the right time for the right reasons (he objected to what was going on). He ended up a multimillionaire, and could have been depicted as a sort of whistleblower. If anything, he should have been proud of the way things worked out for him. Isn't it just a little odd that the letter makes no mention of Enron (a fake letter might not want to draw any additional attention to Enron)?

On top of all this, we have the fact that rat shot was used, hardly likely for Baxter but sensible for as assassin as it cannot be ballistically traced to a gun; the shot may have been from two feet away, almost impossible for Baxter to manage and extremely unlikely for him to try, given the risk of missing; the police investigation was completely and conveniently incompetent (including, if you can believe it, failure to test to see if Baxter had even fired a gun and failure to check for fingerprints on his vehicle!); the coroner has a 'history'; and Baxter just before his death was talking about hiring a bodyguard and expressed to his lawyer concerns about the harassment he was receiving. This is, in total, one of the most incompetent faked suicides that we've seen in quite a while.