Wednesday, May 01, 2002

An anti-racketeering suit has been brought against a Cardinal in California with respect to the current problems in the Catholic Church. It appears that aiding and abetting, and conspiracy charges, could be brought against many Catholic Church officials. The Bishops were accessories before the fact when they moved priests they knew to be criminals into new parishes where they knew or ought to have known that the priests would use the cover of not being known by the parish to continue their criminal acts. The Bishops were accessories after the fact when they enabled the criminal priests to escape prosecution by covering up the offenses and moving the priests away from the parishes where the offenses occurred. All the Bishops and Cardinals (and the Pope!) are guilty of conspiracy by discussing the matter and not agreeing to a zero-tolerance policy, for their discussion was tantamount to planning more aiding and abetting. If these plotters were mafia members rather than religious leaders the prosecutions would have already started.