Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Bush was told about the second WTC crash shortly after 9:00 a. m. on the morning of September 11, while he was waiting in a classroom to read to some students. He claims that he already knew about the first crash, and realized that the crashes were not an accident when he heard about the second crash (his own story is inconsistent as he claims to have seen a crash before he went in the classroom, which is impossible as the first crash wasn't broadcast by that time). Given what we now know about his foreknowledge of a plane hijacking attack on the United States (and that he must have known about plans to use hijacked planes as missiles), isn't his lack of any response bizarre? He does nothing but carry on with his little photo opportunity, and his first response, almost half an hour later, is to make a little speech. Shortly after 9:00 was still about 40 minutes before the Pentagon crash, and for all he knew the American skies could have been full of hijacked planes waiting to crash into buildings and nuclear power plants. This period of time may have been of vital importance to the history of the United States. Isn't this the time to get up, rush out to a telephone, and start, um, doing something about this? I know he always likes to point out what an excellent team he has behind him, but he doesn't even appear to care what is being done while he reads to the children. It is as if the information that the United States was under terrorist attack was completely unimportant to him. This is the type of response which leads one to wonder whether he knew what was going to happen and wanted it to happen. As Delmart Vreeland's famous note says: "let one happen stop the rest !!!".