Monday, May 20, 2002

Dick Cheney says it is thoroughly irresponsible to raise questions "in a time of war" about what Bush knew about the September 11 attack, and in particular that he might have known something that could have prevented the events of September 11. The problem with this logic, however, is that the United States may only be in a 'time of war' because of the failure of the Bush administration to protect its citizens from attack. If properly alerted air defence had forced down the planes before they hit any targets (or if properly alerted airport security had stopped the terrorists before they got on board or removed any knives they might have had), the United States wouldn't have had sufficient excuse to attack Afghanistan (a suspiciously convenient excuse, given that plans to attack bin Laden in Afghanistan were already awaiting Bush's approval in the days before September 11), and certainly wouldn't have had sufficient excuse to set out on its worldwide unlimited war on terror (which for some odd reason centres only on places which have large oil reserves which could be exploited by companies close to the Bush regime). The only reason for the United States being in a 'time of war' may be the incompetence (or worse) of Bush and his administration. Cheney's outrage at the reasonable questions only now being asked makes him not unlike the boy who kills both his parents and then seeks lenience because he is an orphan.