Monday, May 13, 2002

Flight 93 was the flight that ended up on the ground in Pennsylvania on September 11. The hijacker who was supposed to be the pilot of that plane, Ziad Samir Jarrah, was not very good at flying (someone who flew with him said he didn't feel safe - maybe that's why Flight 93 ended up on the ground!), although he may have later improved his skills by training on a flight simulator in Arizona. He paid cash for instruction in street-fighting tactics (his instructor, who thought highly of him, said: "He did his best but he was very timid"). The Ziad Samir Jarrah who grew up in Lebanon was from a middle-class background and showed no signs of religious fundamentalism. He is supposed to have met Atta while studying in Germany. The U. S. version of Jarrah was caught speeding (90 mph in a 60 mph zone), and thus showed the same odd lack of concern for interacting with the authorities that we have seen in Atta. Just before the hijacking, he wrote his girlfriend (do fundamentalist islamic terrorists on suicide missions have girlfriends who they have lived with?) an incriminating note, but managed to get the address wrong which conveniently caused the letter to be returned (and isn't it odd that his girlfriend had reported him missing?). Even weirder, the non-U. S. version of Jarrah was detained and questioned by authorities in Dubai more that 7 months before September 11, when he divulged that he had just spent two months (December 2000 and January 2001, when, on some accounts, he was supposed to be learning how to fly in Florida) in Pakistan and Afghanistan (and his family apparently thought he had spent some time in Afghanistan 18 months before September 11). The chilling aspect of this is that the questioning was done at the request of the United States government and a UAE official said he was detained because his name previously had been placed on an Emirati "watch list" of terrorist suspects at the request of the U.S. (and then Jarrah was able to enter the United States without raising any official notice). What is going on here? It seems likely that there was a Lebanese Jarrah, whose fate is unknown, and an American Jarrah, who may have been involved in the hijacking of Flight 93 (there is also the possibility that Flight 93 was not hijacked at all but was shot down to account for the missing plane that supposedly flew into the Pentagon, a plan that was thwarted when its wreckage landed in a place where it was seen). The intrigue surrounding Jarrah is compounded by the fact that he has a distant cousin who may have been in the Libyan secret service (although the cousin denies it), and who gave his German work permit to Jarrah, a permit which was found in the Pennsylvania wreckage! This either definitively proves that American Jarrah is in fact the same person as Lebanese Jarrah, or, if you are suspicious like me, proves that someone went to a lot of trouble to ensure that this document would be found (for why would Jarrah, expecting to be consumed in whatever crash was planned for Flight 93, be carrying with him a German work permit from months or even years before?).