Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Given the support that the Bush administration has received from all American quarters, especially the media (who speak with a remarkable unanimity), but even including the Democratic Party (who I guess are bribed from the same pool of money), the most interesting question about the recent revelations of Bush foreknowledge of the events of September 11 is simply why are they making such damning admissions and why now. One reason appears to be the beginnings of a tsunami of leaks from FBI and intelligence sources. The Republicans apparently fear losing control of management of the information that is getting out to the public, something the Republicans haven't had to worry about recently as all the media has been firmly on their side since the last Bush administration. It appears that law enforcement and intelligence forces are becoming tired of being used as political whipping boys for every mistake made by the politicians, and are starting to get their own stories out to counter all the blame they are receiving. It is therefore probably a foolish mistake to blame the failure to stop the terrorism on the FBI and the CIA, but the Republicans, forced into a corner and not used to facing any media criticism, are doing so anyway. This will no doubt further enrage the FBI/CIA leakers, and should lead to more negative information. The really interesting question is why is this leaked information being so readily broadcast by the mass media. There are always leakers passing brown envelopes to journalists, but usually the editors don't allow any information embarassing to the ruling classes to be published. There are attempts by major media figures to downplay the stories (probably out of sheer force of habit of running to the defence of the rich and powerful), but the damning stories keep coming. Is it possible that elements of the ruling classes are becoming dissatisfied with the constant incompetence of Bush and his administration? It is not only the flubbing of such big things as protecting Americans from terrorism, running a successful war in Afghanistan, keeping the Middle East from exploding, or prudently managing the economy, but the general unnecessary bad taste which Bush is leaving in the mouths of leaders all over the world due to a combination of stupidity, rudeness, and a stubborn insistance that since the United States is the most powerful nation in the world it doesn't even have to pretend to listen to anyone else. There is really old money in the United States with a long history of doing business all over the world which may now be feeling that this administration has the potential to do permanent damage to the position of the United States, a position that may be more precarious than fools like Bush can imagine. The recent publication of embarrassing information may be a warning that it is time for the administration to start taking the American position in the world more seriously, or a Nixon-like 'replacement of government' scenario may be in the offing (i.e, Cheney is forced to resign for health reasons, and is replaced by a popular and competent Republican, who can then take over the Presidency when Bush is forced out and contest the next two elections).