Saturday, May 11, 2002

I don't usually care for the theories that the powers that be manipulate the news by creating some spectacular trifle that dominates the television broadcasts in order to obscure the real, hidden stories. These theories are not helpful as they could be applied in almost any situation, and are not verifiable. However, the latest terrorist, Luke Helder, the smiley-face pipebomber, has me wondering about the recent history of the FBI:

  1. It has been alleged that John O'Neill, the ex-FBI agent who, possibly coincidentally, was killed on September 11, was extremely critical of the orders for the FBI to stop the investigation of al-Qaeda and the bin Laden family in the months prior to September 11, and actually quit the FBI because of it.

  2. Despite detaining what seems to be every young male of Arab descent living in the United States, the FBI has made absolutely no progress in its investigation of the events of September 11.

  3. The continuing saga of the failure of the FBI to make any progress in the anthrax case is becoming a huge embarrassment, especially when you consider that there is vast amounts of evidence around that it was the work of the U. S. government or possibly a rogue scientist working for the U. S. government. There is every indication that the FBI has been ordered to bungle the investigation, which, given their recent history of bungling things they haven't been ordered to bungle, just makes them look completely incompetent.

  4. While the arrest and first court appearance of the pipebomber is in the news, the famous scoundrel and huge embarrassment to the FBI, Robert Hannsen, is sentenced.

I wouldn't put all these facts together if the story of the pipebomber weren't so odd. He allegedly commits extremely violent crimes which did hurt people and could have killed people, actions which seem to be completely out of character. He allegedly issues Unabomber-style letters with a trendy-progressive theme, but in no way containing any actual intellectual content, as if he were trying to ape the Unabomber but lacked the intelligence to understand what he was copying. When he is caught, he apparently indicates he was planting the bombs in a smiley-face pattern, acts totally unconcerned about the whole thing and actually seems to be 'blissed out' (Manchurian Candidate?). The FBI, using good old-fashioned police work, catches him and saves the day. Given the recent and on-going dangerous incompetence of the FBI, is this all not just a little suspicious?