Saturday, May 18, 2002

If Bush is admitting that he was informed of a threat on August 6 that al-Qaeda intended to hijack U. S. planes, common sense allows us to add since he had to know that al-Qaeda had intended to use planes as suicide missiles against buildings, therefore he had to know that the U. S. was under grave threat of such an attack. The problem with all this is that it seems very unlikely that al-Qaeda played any more that the very small role of patsy, taking the blame through bin Laden (his meeting with a CIA representative in Dubai may be where he got his 'script') for the attacks and allowing the U. S. to attack Afghanistan. Tucked in behind the news on Bush's admission is the perhaps even greater admission that the United States had plans in hand to attack Afghanistan before September 11. Neither bin Laden nor al-Qaeda would have been capable of constructing the elaborate false identities used by the hijackers, combining stolen identities (often from Arab men who had their identities stolen while they were taking training in the United States) and identities built up while in the United States. Obviously, al-Qaeda wouldn't have been capable of standing down U. S. air defences, nor is it capable of conducting the huge cover-up that is currently going on. I thus am led to the inescapable conclusion that Bush's latest admission is itself a form of disinformation, intended to keep the ultimate blame for 9-11 on al-Qaeda and lead us away from any darker culprits, and the frightening idea that 9-11 was part of an elaborate plan which included using the 9-11 attack as an excuse to attack Afghanistan.