Saturday, May 25, 2002

If you were an diabolical terrorist mastermind living in a cave in Afghanistan, around what place would you centre your evil terrorist plans? Of all the places you could choose as a base out of which to run your terrorism, would you pick Oklahoma City? From your cave, would you have even heard of Oklahoma City? Of course, Oklahoma City was the site of the 1995 attack on the Federal Building, an attack blamed on Timothy McVeigh (foolishly and suspiciously executed, thus removing his ability to give more evidence). At the time, however, there was considerable evidence that at least one man of Middle Eastern appearance was involved, and allegations that Arab terrorists were behind the attack, perhaps even terrorists working for Iraq. These issues were ignored by the McVeigh prosecutors, perhaps because they did not want to prejudice McVeigh's prosecution by adding unnecessary complications, and perhaps because the Clinton administration was attempting, with considerable success, to blame attacks on the U. S. and on Clinton personally on a right-wing conspiracy, from which people like McVeigh were a logical outcome. Now, with the United States flailing away to find even the slightest excuse to attack Iraq, ideas that Saddam Hussein was behind the Oklahoma City terrorism have been resurrected. In fact, American writers are trying to tie both Saddam Hussein and bin Laden to the Oklahoma City bombing. As we shall see, I think a completely different view may be more likely. It is, to say the least, very odd how often Oklahoma City comes up in the recent history of terrorism:

  1. In June 2000, Atta and al-Shehhi (hijacker pilot of Flight 175) visited a flying school in Oklahoma City. They had a tour of the facilities at the school, and left. Supposedly, they then went to Florida and got flight training there, but we have to remember that Atta may have been in Florida taking flight training as early as April, so the official story is suspect. In any event, of all the places they could have taken flight training, they somehow decided to investigate Oklahoma City.

  2. Moussaoui, the so-called '20th hijacker', lived in Norman, a suburb of Oklahoma City, and attended flying school (Airman Flight School) there, all before moving to Minneapolis.

  3. Ihab Mohammed Ali, who was later named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1998 U.S. Embassy bombings in Kenya, also trained at the same school in Norman, Oklahoma.

  4. At the trial of Ramzi Ahmed Yusef, the principal organizer of the 1993 World Trade Center car-bombing, Abdul Hakim Murad testified that he was an al-Qaeda operative and had trained at Airman Flight School in order to prepare for a suicide hijack attack on CIA headquarters.

  5. An important piece of evidence in unravelling this mystery is the Israeli spy ring, and, in particular, its geographic locations in the United States. We know various Israeli spies were located all over the United States, but in particular: 1) across the river from the WTC at the time of the crashes, filming and cheering; 2) within blocks of where Atta and his colleagues were living in Hollywood Beach, Florida; 3) in Dallas, Texas, where in the days before September 11 the FBI raided the offices of a number of Islamic charities accused of supporting terrorism; and 4) most intriguingly, at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City (see paragraphs 175-177 of the report).

It has been noted in various places that after the Gulf War the Clinton administration settled thousands of Iraqi dissident refugees in various places, including some 2000 in Oklahoma City. Remember that Vreeland stated that in Moscow he saw a warning letter to Putin on terrorist attacks against the United States. The letter was written by a son of Saddam Hussein. It is possible that Saddam has spies in the anti-Saddam group of refugees in Oklahoma City who warned him of the upcoming terrorism. It is possible, as he couldn't warn the U. S. directly, that he attempted to do so through Putin (if Saddam was behind September 11, why would he arrange for warning to be sent to Putin, who could not be relied on not to tell the Americans?). Putin did warn the U. S., and his warnings were apparently ignored. Is it possible that anti-Saddam refugees in Oklahoma City formed at least some of the group that was involved in the September 11 terrorism? The reason for the attack from the point of view of the Iraqis would be to provide an excuse for the United States to attack Iraq. This was so important a goal for these people that at least some of them may have been willing to die for it. When it happened, however, Saddam wasn't directly blamed, as it was necessary to use the terror as an excuse for a limitless war on terror, securing oil reserves around the world. Al-Qaeda, supposedly a world-wide organization, was chosen as the scapegoat. The interesting thing is that the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing could have been a model for September 11, in that the Iraqis could have been involved in both attacks. They would not have been agents for Saddam - they would have been anti-Saddam refugees trying to frame Saddam to provoke a U. S. attack against him. When you think about it, if the Iraqis who settled in Oklahoma were refugees from Iraq, why does the American media jump to the conclusion that any Iraqi involvement must be by an agent of Saddam Hussein? Isn't it much more likely that the involvement is by someone acting against the interests of Saddam? Of course, Saddam could have infiltrated the Iraqi refugees, bringing some pro-Saddam agents to the United States. It is much more likely, however, that any actions taken by this group would be intended to hurt the current Iraqi government. If you were looking for a group of actors who could speak Arabic, had the basic Middle Eastern appearance and the basic cultural knowledge to pass for Arab terrorists, and were so motivated with hatred for Saddam that they would sacrifice themselves to cause an excuse for a war to depose him, the people living around Oklahoma City may be just the actors you want. Al-Qaeda and Saddam Hussein may just be scapegoats to deflect attention from what is really going on, both with respect to the Oklahoma City bombing and September 11.