Saturday, May 25, 2002

It is interesting to see how the Bush Administration is trying to pin all the blame for 9-11 on mistakes made by the FBI, but the FBI is refusing to play along. This is being depicted as an attack by an FBI agent on the Washington bureaucracy of the FBI, but I think it is more than that. We are entering a situation similar to Watergate, where a series of leaks ascribed to 'Deep Throat' gradually finished Nixon. If Bush doesn't lay off the FBI soon (and it is clear that each successive revelation is merely added to the supposed faults of the FBI, even is cases, like Moussaoui, where the decision not to obtain a warrant had to be a political decision), he may find himself in huge problems. For example, someone in the FBI could leak the contents of Bush's August 6 briefing, a subject obviously so devastating to Bush's future as President that it has until now been covered up.