Tuesday, May 14, 2002

Three comments on recent Israeli actions:

  1. The Israelis recently evacuated the apartment building in which the terrorist suspect who set off the suicide bomb at Netanya had lived. They then blew it up, destroying the homes of some 100 people. How does any civilized society justify this? It is clearly collective punishment and is part of the program of degradation and harassment intended to ethnically cleanse the West Bank of Palestinians.

  2. One of the main points of Israeli propaganda is that they cannot negotiate with the Palestinians as the Palestinians only seek the destruction of the Israeli state. Now Sharon's party, Likud, the main ruling party in Israel, has overwhelmingly voted never to allow the Palestinians to have their own state west of the Jordan River (i. e., in the West Bank and Gaza Strip). Hypocrisy does not seem to bother them.

  3. The Israeli authorities have arrested 4 Israeli settlers who allegedly had planted a bomb at an Arab girls' school in East Jerusalem. Is that not terrorism, or does it only count as terrorism if Jews are hurt? The Israelis used the suicide bombers and their need to apprehend them as their excuse for the recent Israeli military brutality in the West Bank, including the holocaust (apparently the slaughter of at least 20-30 civilians doesn't rate as a massacre, so I've had to find another word) at Jenin. When can we expect the Palestinians to be allowed similar liberties in the illegal West Bank settlements to root out Israeli terrorists?

Each of these incidents is instructive. The first shows us how the Israelis are using the suicide bombers as an excuse to promote their real program of slow-motion ethnic cleansing. The second shows us that Israel has no intention of ever granting the Palestinians a state, and therefore it is a sham when Israel gives as its excuse for not negotiating with the Palestinians the fact that the Palestinians desire to eliminate Israel. The third shows us that terrorism is being committed by both sides (and the Israeli state terrorism is the worst terrorism of all), and the Israeli fixation on Palestinian suicide bombers is merely part of their propaganda war to justify their military brutality against the Palestinians.