Sunday, June 16, 2002

The countries that we know tried to warn the United States about the impending September 11 terrorist attacks:

  • Israel (the Mossad)

  • Great Britain (MI6)

  • Egypt

  • Argentina (although they're being coy about it, perhaps looking for some financial help)

  • France

  • Russia

  • Jordan

  • Morocco

  • since there were warnings from Echelon surveillance, presumably warnings were obtained from all the Echelon countries that monitor and share surveillance (Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), or they assumed no warnings were necessary as the U. S. already knew everything about the attack

  • Germany (not to mention a mysterious call from Germany by a man from Iran)

  • the Philippines (not, as far as we know, specific warnings given about this attack, but it was the original warnings from the Philippines that told the United States to expect an attack by hijacked airplanes crashing into buildings).

It is also probable that there were warnings from other countries that we don't know about because these countries don't want to embarrass the United States (it is interesting that we learned of the warnings from Egypt and Israel only due to the anger of their respective leaders at what they each felt was improper American policies on the Palestinian problem). Do you think that at some point someone in the Bush junta might have thought that there just might be something to these warnings, or do they not act until they receive a warning from everybody in the United Nations? Is this an example of the famous Bush unilateralism (them stoopid furriners don't know nothin')? Or did they not pay attention to the warnings because they already knew what was going to happen?