Tuesday, June 25, 2002

If anyone really wants to know whether there was any U. S. government involvement in the September 11 terrorism it will be relatively easy to find out. Convene a congressional hearing so testimony can be delivered under oath and ask the pilots of the American fighter planes who were unable to intercept the terrorist planes whether there was any extraordinary procedure in their being notified of the need to intercept the terrorist planes and, in particular, any unusual delay in their being allowed to take off in pursuit of the terrorist planes. The interceptions appear to be perfectly timed in order to just miss the terrorist planes so that it can appear that a valiant effort was made in each case. Therefore the pilots must have been in their planes on the runways impatiently waiting for a signal to take off and wondering why they had to wait. If there is any plan to ask such questions it is absolutely imperative that the lives of these pilots be guarded by some independent force in order to prevent the almost inevitable 'accidents' or 'suicides' that befall witnesses in such cases. If the witnesses testify to unusual facts, the committee then has to work its way up the chain of command until it finds someone who is unable to explain where his orders came from. None of this will ever happen, or course, as it is becoming quite apparent that no one really wants to know the truth. Perhaps they are right not to want to know.