Thursday, June 13, 2002

Isn't the manipulation of the news on September 11 getting a bit obvious? Consider:

  1. The recent revelations of Atta's amazing application for a $650,000 loan to buy a cropduster is just coming out now, although the loan officer claims she told the authorities shortly after September 11 when she recognized Atta's picture.

  2. In the continual blame tossing game of the FBI and CIA, we've recently heard about the two terrorists who managed to move around the United States completely unimpeded despite being on a CIA watch list. The failure of the FBI to do anything to prevent the terrorism has been blamed by the FBI (using a 'detailed chart'!) on the CIA's failure to tell them about these two terrorists (although the CIA claims in rebuttal that the FBI did know about them, and the FBI then claims that it didn't know enough, etc., etc.). The odd thing is that this isn't news. The fact that these terrorists were on a watch list was reported (with 'Salem Alhamzi' confused with Nawaf Alhazmi) shortly after September 11 (not to mention that the FBI had been looking for the two 'for weeks').

  3. The NSA has managed to keep its head down while the CIA and the FBI duke it out. Now someone is raising the issue that the NSA had all the information on the terrorist plans due to its recording the communications of bin Laden and his henchmen, and knew on September 10 that 'something big' was coming. The fact that the NSA had knowledge of the attack through its Echelon program was known almost immediately after September 11 (reported in Germany on September 14, 2001, with specific knowledge that Middle Eastern terrorists were planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture), but is presumably being raised now as part of the game of the Bush junta to pass the blame around.

  4. Abdullah al-Muhajir has been arrested for planning to build a 'dirty bomb' in Chicago, and for being linked to al-Qaeda. This is certainly dramatic news, and is particularly interesting as the junta seems to be planning to give an American citizen either a military trial, or if such a trial might not produce the desired result, just permanently lock him up with no trial (so now Americans know why they should have complained at the treatment of non-citizen detainees - ' . . . they first came for the Communists . . .', and they then came for the American citizens). Everyone seems to have noticed the oddity that he was arrested on May 8 but his arrest was only announced by Ashcroft on June 10. Now it is coming out that he didn't actually do anything, but there is a slight possibility that he might have been sort of thinking about maybe looking for some radioactive material, but as there was none around he didn't actually come close to finding any, but had he found some this street punk with presumably training in advanced nuclear physics from the al-Qaeda Institute of Technology in a field in Afghanistan would have considered possibly building some sort of a bomb from it! The whole thing stinks, and people have started to notice.

It is fairly obvious that the Bush junta is playing the mass media like a violin, largely in order to deflect the current criticisms of why it did absolutely nothing to prevent the terrorism. Will there ever be a time when Americans will rise up and say they've had enough of the obvious lies, the obvious false alarms to hide various errors and crimes of the Bush junta, and the increasingly numerous shreddings of the American Constitution?