Wednesday, June 05, 2002

It is very interesting that the Bush Administration now admits that global warming exists and is mostly caused by human behavior, but everyone is just going to have to live with it as there is nothing that can be done. Bush himself admits he "read the report put out by the bureaucracy", which I assume is a method of dismissing it without actually stating that it is wrong (and contains the amazing admission that Bush can and does actually read!). It is amusing to see the flexibility of the apologists for the Bush regime, as they instantly move from confidently asserting that there is absolutely no scientific proof that human activity causes global warming to agreeing with the regime that such proof does in fact exist (see Rush squirm). The striking thing about the new Bush position is the admission that there is this terrible future coming, but there is nothing that can be done about it. Everyone is just going to have to learn to live (or not) with it so Bush's pals can continue to rake in the big bucks selling hydrocarbons. At the same time, the same Administration continues to issue warnings of terrorist attacks, including what is being described as inevitable nuclear attacks on the United States. Again, the Bush Administration admits that it is helpless to stop these attacks, but helpfully keeps issuing warnings (I guess so you will have enough warning to kiss your ass goodbye!). Isn't this extreme defeatism the same sort of thing that still has so many Americans mad at Jimmy Carter? What is the point of having politicians if they are completely helpless to do anything about the only issues that really count? There is a certain grim logic to the Bush position - if Americans are all going to die in the inevitable terrorist attacks there is really no point in worrying about the inevitable global warming!