Saturday, June 29, 2002

Michel Chossudovsky has written an excellent article on the CIA / ISI / al-Qaeda connection, and how it figures in the events of September 11. People are starting to notice that al-Qaeda appears to have too many inconsistencies to be the simple villain in the story. How is it that bin Laden is supposed to have as a main goal the removal of the current leaders of Saudi Arabia, and yet at the same time derives much of his support from members of the Saudi royal family? How is it that bin Laden used to be an ally of the United States in the fight against the Russians, and now is the greatest enemy of the United States (and how does bin Laden's supposed meeting with a CIA representative in Dubai figure into all of this?)? How is it that bin Laden's family are such great investors in the Carlyle Group, the company partly owned by the father of the current U. S. President which has done so well out of the war on terror (and why is it that more Americans aren't asking questions about this amazing coincidence - it is as if during the Second World War the main American military supplier was partly owned by Roosevelt's father and partly owned by Hitler's brother?)? Just how estranged is bin Laden from his family anyway (he apparently still has phone conversations with his mother)? How is it that the United States is apparently supporting both sides of the war in Macedonia/Kosovo, both the Macedonian side, through NATO, and the Albanian side, which is still closely allied with al-Qaeda? Just how close is the relationship between the CIA and the Pakistani ISI? Is the ISI just an agent of the CIA? What was going on when the ISI apparently sent money to Atta (I still think this is some kind of set up, but I'm not sure who was being set up!)? What was Pakistan's role in the failed U. S. oil company negotiations with the Taliban, and what does Pakistan expect to get out of the Afghan oil pipeline? Is the Pakistani government an enemy or an ally of al-Qaeda? It is becoming clear that the role of al-Qaeda in 9-11 is extraordinarily complex, and that we've been misled by U. S. authorities as to the true nature and role of al-Qaeda. As Chossudovsky notes, Bush's foreknowledge or lack thereof may just be a screen behind which to hide the true involvement of the Bush Administration. When considering the American government, we also always have to consider that parts of it often act independently of the whole, which further adds to the confusion. We are just now starting to see people attempt to come to grips with what really happened on September 11.