Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Miracles can happen, as we have seen in the events of September 11:

  • the flight data recorder was recovered from Flight 77, the plane that is supposed to be involved in the Pentagon crash. The flight data recorder must be made out of Kryptonite. The rest of the plane was apparently completely vaporized, including the engines. The flight data recorder apparently provided altitude, speed, headings and other information, but the voice recorder contained nothing useful.

  • despite the fact that the heat from the jet fuel was so hot that it actually melted the fusilage of the planes while they were in the towers before their collapse, a passerby found one of the hijacker's passports on the street near the site of the World Trade Center.

  • in the wreckage of Flight 93, in a field in Pennsylvania, the investigators found the German work permit of Jarrah's distant cousin which we are supposed to believe Jarrah carried with him to his death, although I can see no plausible reason for Jarrah to be carrying around such a useless item.