Friday, August 09, 2002

Ariel Sharon ordered the targeted assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Salah Shehadeh by dropping a one-ton bomb on the apartment building in which he slept. Sharon did this with full knowledge that the apartment building was filled with innocent civilians, and that many of them would of necessity die as a result of the bomb. After his initial glee at the 'great success' of the bombing, he soon realized that the rest of the world isn't quite as psychopathic as he is, and had to tone down his celebration. The dead civilians are now 'collateral damage', and various parties have been blamed for the 'mistake'. This is all quite transparent nonsense, as anyone knows that if you drop a one-ton bomb on an inhabited apartment building you are going to kill lots of people. It's particularly disgusting that the Israelis attempted to trot out the argument that their target was to blame for using the civilians in the building as 'human shields'. If the Israelis knew where the target was sleeping, they could have arrested him or assassinated him in such a way that no one else was killed. In other words, the dead civilians were not 'collateral damage', they were the actual target. This is just another of the series of crimes against humanity that the Israelis have been getting away with, and is part of the gradually escalating program of slow-motion ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians. The intent is to make life so difficult and dangerous for them that they will simply leave, thus allowing for the conquest and annexation of their land, and is no less than the old colonialism that people thought had disappeared and had been replaced by globalism (do you think Americans feel such sympathy for the Israelis as they see the Palestinians as the equivalent of the Indians and the Israelis as the equivalent of the American settlers, or is the unwaivering American support for Israel just pure oil politics?). The most amazing part of the bombing was the fact that there was a very good chance of a cease-fire agreement being signed, a chance that of course was ended with the bomb. This Israelis are now quibbling about the chances of the agreement, but since the Israeli position is that a cease-fire and termination of the terrorism is the necessary precondition to negotiations with the Palestinians, and the Palestinian terrorism is the main propaganda weapon of the Israelis, we cannot allow them to get away with this so easily. If terrorism is so bad, even the smallest chance of a cease-fire should have been nurtured, and one cannot help but see this bombing attack as having the goal, in addition to brutalizing the Palestinians, of ending the chance of ending the terrorism. For even a chance at an end to the terrorism, why couldn't the Israelis have postponed the assassination? The terrorism suits Sharon, as it is the only excuse he has to avoid negotiating, and negotiation would end his land acquisition program. As Sharon's bomb led directly to the retaliation, and probably led to the destruction of a good chance for a cease-fire, it is not a stretch to blame every one of the deaths that occured as a result of the bomb, as a result of the Hamas retaliation for the bomb, and as a result of the Israeli retaliation for the Hamas retaliation, on Sharon personally, and of course on everyone who supports him. How can the world continue to allow the Israelis to use the Palestinian terrorism as justification for the much worse state terrorism and brutality inflicted by the Israelis on the Palestinians, especially when it has become so clear that any Palestinian attempt to negotiate a cease-fire will be intentionally scuppered by the actions of the Israeli government so that it may continue its program of ethnic cleansing?