Friday, August 30, 2002

I am coming to the conclusion that there were at least two distinct categories of September 11 hijacker. One group, the 'secular hijackers', appeared to have had no religious affiliation, especially not to Islam, tended to be rather rough and loud, engaged in various 'sins', and often acted like paid thugs (not surprisingly, for they were paid thugs out of the class of mercenaries who are available to do this kind of work). They spoke English well and seemed to feel comfortable with popular American culture. The other group, the 'religious hijackers', tended to be quiet, sternly pious, shy, unfriendly, and acted exactly as you might expect members of al-Qaeda to act (not surprisingly, for they probably were members of al-Qaeda). This group tended not to speak English well, and seemed to be led by members of the other group. The hijackers who used identities of Middle Eastern men who had had their identities stolen seem to be in the secular group, as were the hijackers whose personalities seemed to change radically when they entered the U. S. (e. g., Atta and Jarrah). In the latest MadCowMorningNews, Daniel Hopsicker, who apparently is the only reporter in the whole United States doing any reporting on the events of September 11 (I guess the country must be hard up for reporters - it is lucky that the only one that can be spared is good at what he does), points out that there is plently of evidence that Mohamed Atta was in Florida four months before he is officially supposed to have arrived in Florida. He is supposed to have arrived in early June 2000, and probably can't be said to have arrived earlier as the original (and still the best) Mohamed Atta was active in Hamburg in the spring of 2000. Not only was he well established in Florida before he ought to have been, but he had a girlfriend. Not only did Mr. Pious, a man who in Germany wouldn't shake the hand of a woman, have a girlfriend, but his girlfriend was a working (ahem) 'lingerie model'. Not only that, but he was the jealous sort, and tended to beat her up. Not only that, but the FBI has been intimidating witnesses to keep them quiet, afraid, I suppose, of the whole Official Story of Mohamed Atta falling apart. This Mohamed Atta presumably was using the identity of the original Mohamed Atta even before the original was killed or disappeared. This Mohamed Atta is presumably the one who met with the Department of Agriculture official in April or May in a ridiculous attempt to obtain a government loan to buy a cropdusting airplane, an attempt that was made in order that he would be remembered later. This hard drinking, rude, violent man is not the pious Islamic man we are supposed to confuse him with. As I've said before, if the North American 'Mohamed Atta' can't be connected to al-Qaeda, the whole Official Story falls apart, and we're looking at a much more complex operation than we've been led to believe occurred. I believe there was an al-Qaeda presence in the terrorism, but there was also a second, probably more important and dominent, group of mercenaries involved. These mercenaries may have also had a 'cause' other than money, but it was not necessarily the cause of al-Qaeda. This combination of two kinds of terrorists, combined with the stolen identities and, frankly, a lot of active government obfuscation, has made figuring out what happened on September 11 very difficult.