Friday, August 02, 2002

John R. Bradley of Arab News makes another attack on "Best of the Web Today" by James Taranto. I know The Wall Street Journal is a right-wing business paper, but I am still surprised that it wants to be associated with opinions with such an obvious slant as those of Mr. Taranto. "Best of the Web Today" might as well be written by Ariel Sharon (maybe it is!). The amount of space that is spent on one issue, the perfection that is Israel and the perfidity of the Arabs, is amazing. It is the kind of extreme focussed prejudice that you'd expect to see in a personal blog written by someone with extreme feelings on the Middle East, and not something you'd expect to see associated with a newspaper with any credibility. I still see this as a question of ethics - should a newspaper be able to hide behind the internet and the blog format to publish ideas that it would never dream of publishing in the newspaper itself? This is a question that is going to arise more and more as the popular blog format is appropriated by mainstream media outlets in an effort to appear trendy.