Monday, August 05, 2002

More miracles and oddities from September 11:

  1. Ziad Jarrah's passport, or at least a part of it, was found in the wreckage of Flight 77 in Pennsylvania. Enough of it was discovered to show the U.S. multiple-entry visa still in his passport, and to leave a nice passport picture to head the article. This is in addition to his cousin's German work permit, which was apparently also found at the site of the crash (although why Jarrah was carrying it, when it presumably would only be of use to him in Germany, remains a mystery), and an Arabic 'hijacker's guide', parts of which were also found in the Pennsylvania wreckage. This material was found despite the fact that the wreckage of the plane was apparently found over a huge area (I assume that indicates that it was blown up while still in the sky, either by a terrorist bomb or an attack by a U. S. missile), and that the main part of the plane was found deeply buried in the ground. We have to add this to the miracle of the fact that the passport of one of the hijackers was found near the site of the WTC. It would appear that all this stuff was planted by someone with access to the crash sites after the crashes.

  2. In the same article we find the allegation, denied (of course) by the CIA, that Jarrah was stopped and questioned in the United Arab Emirates in January 2001 at the request of the CIA. The fact that he was stopped and questioned is old news, but it has always been reported that he was questioned at the request of the U. S. government, not specifically the CIA. The fact that the UAE officials persist in their claims in the light of CIA denials, the fact that they have specific information on the questions asked and the fact that Jarrah was detained until the answers were reported to the U. S. authorities who found them satisfactory, and the fact that the UAE can point to the fact that UAE and European intelligence sources claim that the Jarrah situation fits a pattern of a CIA operation begun in 1999 to track suspected al-Qaeda operatives who were traveling through the UAE (and one UAE source can even draw a map of Dubai airport, showing exactly how this type of questioning was carried out, with U. S. officials declining to comment on whether this is indeed how things happened), not to mention the fact that Dubai has no obvious reason to lie about this and the CIA does, leads me to believe that Jarrah probably was questioned in Dubai at the instance of the CIA. That of course leads to the obvious questions of how it was that they knew to single him out, and how it was that their knowledge of him affected his life in absolutely no way after that point, including when he reentered the United States, got a speeding ticket, or boarded Flight 77 on September 11. It's possible that there may be different kinds of watch lists, some of which don't entail much watching, and some of which entail watching but not stopping.

  3. In order to explain the rather embarrassing total lack of plane wreckage found at the site of the Pentagon crash (with the notable exception of the flight data recorders, possibly pieces of nose gear, an odd and now famous little piece of mangled tin photographed suspiciously far from the site of the crash, and this even smaller piece), the Official Story is that the heat of the fire and explosion vaporized everything. The fusilage, the engines, and presumably the whole contents of the plane were turned into some kind of gas and disappeared. Amazingly, however, sufficient human remains containing DNA were left to enable scientists to identify all but one of the passengers on the plane. Isn't it amazing that DNA is so stable that it can survive heat so intense that it not only melts metal (including metal pieces in jet engines that presumably have to withstand a little bit of heat), but vaporizes it? Obviously, I don't deny that they found human remains from the tragedy of what happened at the Pentagon on September 11. It's just that, whatever happened, Flight 77 had nothing to do with it, and they could not have found DNA from Flight 77 passengers in the Pentagon.

The only thing sadder than the belief of the Powers That Be that people will believe these outlandish tales is that people apparently do in fact believe them.