Saturday, August 03, 2002

The U. S. government, in its continuing rather pathetic attempt to find some sliver of an excuse to attack Iraq, has resurrected the old idea (see item 9 here for some links) that Mohamed Atta met with an Iraqi intelligence agent in Prague, therefore proving that Iraq was somehow behind the September 11 terrorism. I am delighted to see this development, as the Prague meeting opens serious questions about the identity of Mohamed Atta. Atta's personal identity is already quite shaky, as he has the unfortunate habit of appearing in two places at the same time. For example, in April (or perhaps, May), 2000 he was having a nice chat in Florida about obtaining a loan to buy a cropduster, while he was simultaneously still an architecture student in Hamburg, Germany (he didn't arrive in the United States until June, 2000). It would be very unfortunate for the Official Story of what happened on September 11 if it should turn out that someone was using Mohamed Atta's identity and doing suspicious terrorist-type things before Mohamed Atta even arrived in the country, and it would only add to the suspicions if Atta were busy doing evil things in the United States while somebody else attempted to frame him in Prague by meeting with a representative of Iraq. Even though the Czechs are still officially denying that Atta met an Iraqi in Prague, and even though the FBI can account for his whereabouts in Virginia and Florida for the whole month of April 2001 (he is supposed to have met with the Iraqi agent on April 8), and can find no record of his leaving or entering the United States during that time, I think it is perfectly possible that one of the actors who played the character 'Mohamed Atta' did meet with an Iraqi agent in Prague. This is all eerily reminiscent of the incident in 1963 where someone arranged to have an actor attend at the Soviet embassy and the Cuban consulate in Mexico City claiming to be Lee Harvey Oswald (in that case surveillance photos and transcripts eventually pried out of the CIA and FBI conclusively proved that it was not Lee Harvey Oswald - do you think the Czechs could scare up some surveillance videos of the alleged Prague meeting?). The striking similarity is that in both cases someone went to a lot of trouble to impersonate a Nobody in a politically sensitive situation, effectively attempting to implicate a government in a crime, presumably with foreknowledge that the Nobody was going to become a Somebody once the crime was committed. If this sort of impersonation happened with 'Atta' in Prague, it looks an awful lot like the characteristic work of an intelligence agency.