Monday, September 30, 2002

Here is another account of the timing of the planes sent from Langley to Washington. The Official Story is that the planes were scrambled at 9:24 and in the air at 9:30. The Pentagon crash occurred at 9:41. Langley AFB is about 130 miles from Washington, and the planes arrived at the Pentagon at about 15 minutes after the crash, or about 9:56. That means it took them around 26 minutes to fly 130 miles. That means they flew at an average speed of somewhere around 300 mph. In referring to the planes headed from Cape Cod to New York City, the article states: "Flying supersonically, the F-15s were still 8 min. from Manhattan when United Airlines Flight 175 smashed into the WTC's south tower." If the Cape Cod planes were flying at least 700 mph, why were the Langley planes flying at a speed less that half that? The article goes on to say: "[NORAD's Northeast Air Defense Sector] controllers put F-16s at Langley AFB, Va., on battle-stations alert at 9:09 a.m., prepared to back up the F-15s over New York." I still have to wonder if the Langley planes were actually sent to New York and then brought back to Washington, for otherwise I cannot understand why the Langley planes were so slow in arriving at the Pentagon. If that is so, and the Langley planes scrambled shortly after 9:09 and headed for New York City, why don't they just admit it? What are they trying to cover up? The timing on this is extraordinarily critical. If they could have averaged slightly over 700mph, even leaving Langley at 9:30 they could have arrived at the Pentagon just before whatever hit the Pentagon at 9:41. I don't know if they could have averaged 700 mph given that Langley AFB is so close to Washington, but they should have been able to average significantly more than 300 mph. I can't help but feel that someone is lying here, and this whole issue cries out for investigation.