Friday, September 13, 2002

In my last posting I surmised that the odd timing discrepancies, particularly the inordinately long time it took to fly the jets from Langley AFB to the Pentagon, could be explained by the fact that the three planes were sent to New York City, and then redirected back to Washington. Why would they do this? At 9:30 a. m. they officially had plenty of warning that Flight 77 was headed back to Washington, and thus notice that all important Washington targets were at risk of a fate like the World Trade Center. Two planes from Cape Cod were already in the New York City airspace, and successfully were directing planes away. The reason the planes were sent to New York City was to provide a cover should anyone ask later why Washington wasn't protected. The general excuse given for the official actions on September 11 is mass confusion, and no one could fault the authorities for trying to protect New York City in the light of the WTC attacks. If they simply held the Langley planes back, the intentional act of not protecting Washington would be obvious. If they let the Langley planes fly directly to Washington, they ran the risk that the pilots might have seen something suspicious, i. e., whatever it was other than Flight 77 that actually caused the Pentagon attack, or even - heaven forbid! - have been able to do something to stop it. By sending the planes to New York City, and then, when enough time had passed for the Washington attack to have occurred, sending the planes back to Washington in time to be safely late, they cover up the treason of September 11. That eerie picture to be hung on the walls of the Pentagon may have two meanings. To most people, it represents the regret of the pilot who is too late to stop the attack. To those in the know, it may have a secret meaning, that all the pilots were late because of a scheme successfully carried out at the highest levels of the Pentagon.