Sunday, September 15, 2002

Some people believe that Flight 77 had to have hit the Pentagon because of the sheer number of witnesses there were around the Pentagon at the time. An explosion like that in broad daylight and at rush hour would have been visible to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of witnesses. Why then is it so hard to find anyone who actually saw it happen? If you critically (the same article is also here) examine the witness statements, you will see that extremely few people of those interviewed actually saw the full crash of Flight 77 (to be fair, here is a list of people who did see the crash and another here; you will notice inconsistencies if you read them carefully). Some of those had obvious Pentagon connections, and some were probably planted by the conspirators. Some, after being told what the Official Story was, probably actually believed they saw Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon. Something did cause the explosion. The size of a real Boeing 757, and the odd dimensions of the Pentagon (note that the height of the plane, from the ground to the top of the tail, is over 44 feet, but the Pentagon is just over 71 feet high), make it easy to make a mistake, particularly if you already knew what the authorities (who of course never lie) said had happened. Actually, the huge number of potential witnesses compared to the tiny number who actually saw Flight 77 crash into the Pentagon is evidence that Flight 77 did not crash into the Pentagon. I'd like to show the witnesses a picture of the hole in the Pentagon wall, the height of one floor of the building, and ask them how they thought Flight 77, over 44 feet high, managed to get through it (of course the height includes the undercarriage, but why did it leave no mark on the ground?). The Boeing 757 is over 24 feet wide from wheel to wheel. How did it squeeze through the hole? If you consider the size of the plane and the size of the hole it is immediately apparent that it is not even close to being possible. Where are the wings? Where is the tail? Where is the damage to the wall where the wings and tail must have hit and been sheared off? Where is the damage to the ground? Then I'd like to show them a picture of a cruise missile and ask them if they thought that could have gone through the hole. Could a cruise missile, painted to look like it had windows and in American Airlines colors, be what they saw? Of course, no one would be allowed to ask such impertinent questions.