Thursday, September 12, 2002

This is an excellent summary of the massive amount of foreknowledge and warning the United States government had about September 11 (much of the same material is in an article by Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed; also see this article by Patrick Martin), and the evidence that the U. S. government had involvement in the plot. To add a few more anomalies:

  1. As well as Willie Brown, Salman Rushdie also received warning not to fly on September 11 (odd when you realize that Rushdie isn't exactly the favorite of Islamic fundamentalists).

  2. As well as the Germans and Israelis, many many other countries, including even the Taliban in Afghanistan, also warned the U. S. government of an impending terrorist attack.

  3. The supposed intercepting aircraft for Flight 77 took off from Langley AFB at 9:30, according to NORAD. The NORAD timetable puts the time of the Pentagon crash as 9:37, when it was actually 9:41. This is a rather important fudging of the record, as the planes were supposedly 105 miles or 12 minutes from the crash site at the time of the crash (at the same time, NORAD claims that planes were directed from New York to Washington and travelled that 130 miles in 14 minutes, an important admission as we shall see). It is obviously impossible for 12 minutes to be the equivalent of 105 miles, as that would mean that the planes could only fly at 525 mph, while NORAD itself claims a 1500 mph maximum flying speed for the F-16. Langley AFB is near Hampton, Virginia, which is only about 133 miles from Washington, meaning that even on the NORAD timing of the crash the planes managed to fly but 28 miles in 7 minutes. The 130 miles they had to travel, at, say, an average speed of 1000 mph, would take around 8 minutes. You can therefore instantly see why NORAD fudged the time of the crash, as 8 minutes from 9:30 is 9:38, too late on NORAD's time of the crash to intercept Flight 77, but with 3 minutes to spare if the crash occurred at 9:41. If the planes had headed directly to Washington, on NORAD's timing they still would probably have been too late. But this isn't the whole of the story. The planes actually arrived about 15 minutes after the Pentagon crash. What appears to have happened is that the three (an odd number, as there were only supposed to be four planes available for the whole northeastern U. S., and two are accounted for headed to New York from Cape Cod) were initially directed to guard New York City, and then were redirected to Washington. It is impossible that planes scrambled from Langley AFB at or slightly before 9:30 would only arrive at 9:56 (26 minutes to cover 130 miles is ridiculous), and I believe that those planes headed to New York City, only to turn around when they got there and rather slowly head back to Washington. I suspect they've fudged the numbers and left a confusing trail as they don't want to admit that NORAD left Washington completely unguarded while the attack on the Pentagon was supposedly taking place, and in fact sent planes too late to guard New York at a time that NORAD had to have known Washington itself was under attack (of course, if they were aware that Flight 77 was not going to attack the Pentagon, this makes perfect sense).

  4. Look at this rather eerie painting of the late-arriving F-16 over the burning Pentagon. This is on a U. S. Department of Defense site, and they are apparently proud of it. Of course, the reason the plane is poignantly late is not explained. It is supposed to be an F-16 from North Dakota, which is itself odd as the Pentagon is still very much on fire and the fire was put out surprisingly early. If it takes almost 30 minutes to fly 130 miles, how long does it take to fly from North Dakota?