Wednesday, September 11, 2002

This is a good article on the attempted American-sponsored coup in Venezuela and its aftermath, and a good antidote to the usual mendacious American press coverage. Chavez and democracy are still in great danger in Venezuela. It will be interesting to see if Chavez can succeed in staving off another attempted coup by the American thugs and their local thug allies by using the argument that Chavez actually represents stability of oil supply to the U. S. His argument would be: 1) the pusillanimous group who ran the last attempt aren't capable of pulling it off again; 2) the opposition is divided on just how anti-democratic it wants to be; 3) when forced to make a choice the majority of the people, and possibly the majority of the military, would support Chavez; and 4) another failed coup actually may lead to the danger of an interruption in the oil supply to the U. S. The American Empire's need to get rid of Chavez is largely based on the 'domino theory' of democracy, the fear that reforms made by Chavez might infect other South American countries, thus making them less exploitable by U. S. business (see Palast on why he is so dangerous). On the other hand, if the local Venezuelan thugs aren't up to the challenge of cleanly removing Chavez, the American thugs may opt for the stability of oil supply over the delights of 'regime change'.