Monday, September 02, 2002

The United States Department of War, but we can't scrape together any money to pay for any Defense proposes a budget of $396 billion for next year (a raise from the meagre $289 billion for the year 2000, a now obviously insufficient amount). The Department of War, and if it weren't for the fact that all our planes are tied up dropping bombs on Afghan wedding parties, Defense had 14 (f-o-u-r-t-e-e-n) planes to pretend to guard the whole United States when the 9-11 attacks occurred, despite the fact that the U. S. government had so many warnings from so many sources that any damn fool even George Bush should have been able to see that an attack was imminent. The U. S. government knew that al-Qaeda had it in for the World Trade Center, and knew that al-Qaeda had plans to crash hijacked airplanes into buildings, and yet had four (f-o-u-r) planes to defend the whole northeastern United States, the closest almost 200 (t-w-o h-u-n-d-r-e-d) miles from New York City. The planes defending Washington, D. C. were apparently too slow to reach the Pentagon in time despite the fact that from the time of the first crash into the WTC until the crash into the Pentagon (which, by the way was not caused by Flight 77; anyone knowing this would be in no particular hurry to send planes to the Pentagon) they had 55 (f-i-f-t-y f-i-v-e) minutes. Of course, no one did anything wrong, the 'country is strong', everyone got promotions and medals, no one was disciplined or fired, and George Bush's popularity went up. If you see any generals with tin cups soliciting donations so they can scrape together enough money so the Department of War, but it's all really just an excuse to transfer money from you taxpaying fools to give to the friends and family of George Bush, who couldn't give a %/^#*%g* about Defense can buy another plane (and isn't it, um, ironic that one of the planes that the U. S. uses every day to drop bombs on the civilians of Iraq to keep the price of oil up might have been used to stop the 9-11 attacks? - I'm positive that the families of the victims of 9-11 are behind the President 100% in his attempt to brutalize innocent Iraqi children teach that evil Saddam a lesson bring peace to the Middle East, and would never think to put the lives of their loved ones above the interests of a bunch of George Bush's incomprehensibly rich friends their country), please give generously.